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Showing you Respect. Our policy of Total Brochure Honesty.

Unless you’ve recently shelled out on a house or a car (or, if you live in London, an annual London Transport travelcard) the chances are that, for most people at least, buying a holiday is the year’s most expensive purchase.

That’s why, when we started Respect, we were genuinely appalled at how some holiday brochures were – oh how shall we put this without upsetting our friends in the travel industry – economical with the truth. Back then, TV consumer programmes couldn’t get enough of holiday horror stories and, to be fair, they had a point. It wasn’t so much that the brochure would actually lie, more that it would omit the full facts. So, it’s fine to say that a hotel is only 100 metres from the beach, but it ain’t so clever if you fail to point out that you’ve got to sprint across a dual carriageway to get there!

At Respect, we’ve always believed in telling it like it is. Since we started out we’ve always been as ready to point out a particular holiday’s drawbacks as well as banging on about the good bits and, because of this, we have one of the most enviable customer service records in the business. And, you know what, we intend to keep it that way.

If you’re familiar with the Respect way of doing things, you’ll know that a particular holiday’s plus and minus points are summarised at the end of each property description. Jolly old Paul lists ‘Paul’s Perks’, while grumpy old Danny draws your attention to ‘Danny’s Drawbacks’.

You can be absolutely sure that every word printed in this brochure has gone through a rigorous checking procedure before we allow it to be published. In fact, we won’t publish a hotel or apartment description until a copy has been signed off by Respect staff on the ground, the accommodation owner and the manager, confirming we’ve got all our facts right. And even after that, our overseas staff make regular visits to every property just to make sure that everything’s as it should be.

Of course, between our writing this brochure (most of it was penned in June and July 2006) and the time when you actually go on holiday, some things may have changed at your chosen holiday accommodation. We’ll always let you know if something major is altered (unlikely) but we do recommend that you keep your eye on the Respect website. We’re able to change things online which we simply can’t amend in print because printing this brochure costs a fortune and we’d much rather spend the money down the pub, frankly, so do keep abreast of what’s going on in your destination by making regular online visits.

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