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It's a GAY thing

We won't be giving out any medals for guessing that the word 'gay' features rather a lot in this brochure. We talk about gay-friendly hotels, the gay scene and use the word in countless other contexts.

Now, in this day and age, nobody like to be labelled, and we certainly don't want to upset anyone, so you should be aware that when we use the word 'gay', we're including anyone who considers themselves to be anything other than 100% heterosexual.

So, if you identify yourself as a gay man, a lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, transexual, a genetic male who wears women's clothes, an occasional dabbler or someone who hasn't made up their mind quite yet, then this brochure is probably for you. Come to think of it, the very fact that you're reading this right now and thinking about going on holiday with us is probably says all that needs to be said.

If you identify yourself as 'straight' you're welcome to book with Respect, although we do have some rules about whom we can accept in exclusively-gay accommodation. We do, however, have a zero tolerance to homophobia, even if you think you're being funny, so don't even go there.

We're also aware from some phone calls we receive from men and women who, after many years of denial, are - sometimes quite late in life - taking their first steps along life's gay path. It's only to be expected that many of you are quite nervous speaking to us but please don't be. All our staff are very well trained and have loads of experience in dealing with people just like you, so feel free to ask us anything. We promise to be gentle!

All this leads rather slickly on to a quick explanation of certain accommodation categories you'll find throughout this brochure:


You don't need a brain the size of Japan to work out that this refers to accommodation for the exclusive use of gay people and, under some circumstances, their families and friends.


This refers to accommodation which welcomes everyone regardless of their sexuality but which is likely to be in the vicinity of a gay scene, various gay venues and which probably attracts a higher than average proportion of gay guests.


This phrase, stolen by us from a hotel in Mexico, is used to categorise accommodation which is likely to be gay owned and gay run and which, although primarily for the use of gay guests, will welcome straight holidaymakers from time to time.

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