Beautification for the Perfect Holiday

Respect beauty therapist Miranda helps you look even sexier than you do already

The Respect beauty therapist has more than twenty years' experience in the slimming and beauty industry. Over the years she's done the lot: from being a director of a chain of beauty salons to running make up classes for trannies (yes, really!), so she really is eminently qualified to help you look your very best on your Respect holiday.

Staying smooth

If you want to be silky smooth on holiday and you already shave your bits and pieces, then I recommend that you leave your hair to grow for a couple of weeks after shaving so it's at least 1cm long when waxed. This will ensure that all the hairs are pulled out in a really excruciating way by the root. However, no pain, no gain and at least the hairs won't return for two weeks.

Book your appointment for just before you go away, and remember no hot baths or sunbeds for at least 12 hours afterwards. Most beauty salons now offer male waxing so, if you're a beauty salon virgin, there really is no need to feel embarrassed. However, if you feel at all unsure about asking for this sort of treatment, it's best to phone first.

There are various methods of waxing, but the best is definitely hot wax. This is pure molten beeswax applied with a wooden spoon and only your oldest, most experienced (ie yours truly) beauty therapist will be able to do this. It hurts less than other methods and always pulls the hair from the root so it grows back fine and fluffy, not beardlike and bristly. We don't want bristly bums and backs, do we girls?

Manicures and pedicures

Hands are so important, and feet have their uses too! Try to book at least three combined treatments leading up to your holiday so nails look clean, healthy and wealthy - and so do you! A manicure should include cutting and shaping of nails, buffing the surface to a high shine, cuticle treatment to remove dead skin and luxurious hand massage. Painting, of course, is optional!

A pedicure should include soaking your feet, the removal of that nasty hard skin, as well as everything you'd get with a manicure and, believe you me, it is sheer heaven. You feel like you're walking on air afterwards.

Eyelash tinting

In my opinion, this is a holiday must-have. Throwaway your mascara and have long black lashes - day and night - which won't run or smudge in the pool, on the beach or in the sack. Plus you always wake up looking wide-eyed, even if you don't feel it. Have this treatment just before going away; a patch test is necessary 24 hours beforehand to check for allergies and expect the results to last for about six weeks.

Fake tanning

It's no longer necessary to accelerate the ageing process by using sunbeds before going on holiday, as there are now many excellent fake tan treatments available from your local beauty salon. Airbrush tanning, for my money, is the best pre-holiday all over body tanning treatment. No smears, no streaks and blends beautifully with a real tan as and when you start going darker naturally. With most such treatments you can purchase a product to top up your tan from home. The advantage of this treatment is that it covers the entire body - absolutely every square inch is covered in a fine brown mist which then dries (well, sort of) and is left on for ten hours, so best left overnight. Then, in the morning, once you've got over your sheets looking like you've had a nasty accident, you should climb into the shower and rinse off the excess. This will leave your skin beautifully bronzed and ready to show off to the hordes of admirers who, without any doubt at all, will fall at your gorgeous tanned (and pedicured!!!) feet in silent worship.

Other treatments

The Respect boys have only given me one tiny section of this site so space precludes me from going into too much further detail regarding other treatments. However, I'd also recommend that you think about having a few facials to get rid of that tired, grey, haven't-had-a-holiday-in-years look (or is that just me?) and, for those of you who go for a really glamorous look, there's always semi-permanent make up (not for everyone, I know). Then again, a fine eye or lip line can enhance your features beautifully without being at all obvious.

Anyway, it's been great making my debut with Respect. I'm off now to try to do something with Paul and Rob but, to be honest, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Have a great holiday and enjoy looking good.

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