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It's official! Anyone who goes on holiday without adequate insurance is a PRIZE WAZZOCK! we know how tempting it can be to cut corners and not bother: you've been on holiday umpteen times before, spent money on insurance like a good, responsible bunny, nothing's gone wrong and so this time you're going to give it a miss.

Bad mistake. Honestly, the number of stories we could tell you about uninsured holidaymakers getting into a very serious pickle would chill your bones to the core, and given that holiday insurance doesn't actually cost a great deal of money, there's no excuse whatsoever for skimping.

We're delighted to be able to offer you a specifically designed policy arranged through our pals at, the car insurance specialists. The full terms, conditions and exclusions are incorporated in the Master Certificate which alone constitutes the contract of insurance between the insured person and the Insurer. All insured persons will receive a policy wording document/summary of cover with their booking invoice. Please read the policy it is important.

If you do not wish to be included in this insurance, we must ask you to provide us with details of your alternative cover.

Here's a brief synopsis of the cover on offer. Full details will be sent to you with your confirmation documents. If you need further information to help you make up your mind before you book we can provide a specimen policy wording.

You can choose between Respect Premier and Respect Premier Plus Cover:

Section Premier Cover Limits Excess (per insured) Premier Plus Cover Limits Excess (per insured)
Cancellation and Curtailment up to 3,000 60 (35 loss of deposit) Up to 5,000 40 (25 loss of depsit)
Medical Expenses (inclusing emergency assistance services) up to 5,000,000 60 (Over 65yrs: 80) Up to 10,000,000 40 (Over 65yrs: 65)
Hospital Benefit 20 per day up to 150 n/a 30 per day up to 200 n/a
Personal Effects and Baggage Up to 1,000 £60 Up to £3,000 £40
-single article limit
£200   £250  
-valuables limit in total
250   £400  
-Travel documents
Up to £250   Up to 250  
-delayed baggage
200 (50 per day)   300 (75 per day)  
Personal Money Up to 600 60 Up to 750 40
-cash limit
250   350  
-cash under 18
100   100  
Travel Delay 15 for first 12 hour period & 15 for each subsequent 12 hours up to 200 n/a 25 for first 12 hour period & 25 for each subsequent 12 hours up to 400 n/a
Holiday Abandonment Up to 4,000 60 Up to 6,000 40
Missed Departure Up to 500 75 Up to 1,000 50
Personal Accident Max benefit 20,000 n/a Max benefit 40.000 n/a
-loss of sight/limbs (under 66 years)
20,000   40,000  
-permanent total disablement (under 66 years)
20,000   40,000  
-death (18-65 years)
10,000   10,000  
-death (under 18 years)
5,000   5,000  
-all benefits (66 years+)
5,000   5,000  
Personal Liability Up to 2,000,000 250 Up to 2,000,000 100
Legal expenses Up to 10,000 £250 Up to 20,000 £100
Catastrophe Cover Up to 750 60 Up to 1,000 40
Credit Card Fraud Up to £500 n/a Up to £1000 n/a
WINTERSPORTS (Subject to additional premium or annual multi trip policy)
Ski Equipment

Up to £400
£60 Up to £600
Up to £400 £60 Up to £600
Single Item Limit - Owned
Up to £400 £60 Up to £400
Ski Hire £500 (£50 per day) n/a £600 (£75 per day) n/a
Ski Pack £150 (£30 per day) n/a £300 (£50 per day) n/a
Piste Closure £200 (£20 per day) n/a £200 (£25 per day) n/a
Delay due to Avalanche Up to £200 £75 Up to £250 £50
ADDITIONAL COVER (Subject to additional premium)
Business Equipment
Up to £1,000
Up to £2,000
Golf Equipment Up to £1,000
Up to £2,000
Wedding/Commitment cover Up to £1,000 £60 Up to £2,000 £40

Right. Now you know what you'll be covered for, here's some IMPORTANT INFORMATION you need to know first.


All insurance policies contain restrictions and exclusions that you should know about. Please make sure that the cover meets your needs.


Your insurance states you must declare any pre-existing condition that you or any of your travelling companions may have prior to purchasing this insurance. For full details please see Page 10 of your Travel Insurance Policy. If you do not contact Health check you may not be covered for the pre-existing condition.


The policy wording together with the Certificate of Insurance (or Cover Letter sent by e-mail) forms the basis of your contract of insurance. It contains certain conditions and exclusions in each section and general conditions and exclusions applying to all the sections. You must meet these conditions or Insurers may not accept your claim.


This insurance is only available to persons who have been resident in the United Kingdom for at least six months prior to purchasing the policy and who have paid the appropriate premium. Persons over 85 years of age, meaning having reached their 86th birthday at the date of purchase, are not eligible for cover under the Single Trip Option. Persons over 73 years of age meaning having reached their 74th birthday at the date of purchase, are not eligible for cover under the Annual Multi Trip Option. Persons over 39 years of age, meaning having reached their 40th birthday at date of purchase, are not eligible for cover under the Long Stay Backpacker Travel Insurance Cover


Many claims for loss or theft are caused by people being careless with their belongings. If you do not take good care of your belongings or leave them unattended, it can be upsetting and inconvenient for you Insurers may not pay your claim.


Under most sections of this insurance you have to pay the first part of any claim (Excess). This can be removed for a small additional premium (Excess Waiver premium). Please ask for details at the time of booking.


We have included a wide range of hazardous activities that are covered by the policy automatically. If there is an activity that you will participate in then please let us know and we can provide you with cover for an additional premium. For details of those activities covered automatically please see Page 6 of your Travel Insurance Policy. Note: Personal Liability is excluded whilst driving mechanically propelled vehicles.


You have the right to seek a refund within 14 days of issue if you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions and provided you have not travelled and no claim has been made.


This policy will be governed by the laws of England unless Insurers agree otherwise prior to the insurance starting.


It is a condition of this policy that You will not be covered under Section A – Cancellation or Curtailment Charges, Section B - Emergency Medical and Other Expenses, Section C – Hospital Benefit and Section D – Personal Accident for any claims arising directly or indirectly from:

  1. At the time of taking out this policy:
    1. Any Medical Condition you have, or have had, for which You are taking prescribed medication or are waiting to receive, or have received treatment (including surgery, tests or investigations) within the last 2 years unless You have contacted Us on 0870 774 4408 and We have agreed, in writing, to cover You. If You have only one Medical Condition and this is one of those shown in the table of MEDICAL CONDITIONS WHICH DO NOT REQUIRE SCREENING* on this page then this will be covered under the policy without the need to contact Us.
    2. Any Medical Condition for which You, a travelling companion or a family member have received a terminal prognosis.
    3. Any Medical Condition for which You, a travelling companion or a family member have not had a diagnosis.
    4. Any Medical Condition for which You, a travelling companion or a family member are on a waiting list for or have knowledge of the need for surgery, in patient treatment or investigation at a hospital, clinic or nursing home.
    5. Any circumstances You, a travelling companion or a family member are aware of that could reasonably be expected to give rise to a claim on this policy.
    6. At any time: if You, a travelling companion or a family member are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or any other mental or nervous disorder.
    unless You have been given Our agreement.
  2. You will not also be covered at any time for:
    1. Any Medical Condition You have in respect of which a Medical Practitioner has advised You not to travel or would have done so had You sought his/her advice.
    2. Any Medical Condition for which You are travelling with the intention of obtaining medical treatment (including surgery or investigation) or advice outside of the United Kingdom.
    3. Any Medical Condition for which You are not taking the recommended treatment or prescribed medication as directed by a Medical Practitioner.
    4. Pregnancy or childbirth where You are expected to give birth within eight weeks of the start of the Trip, during the Trip or within twelve weeks of the end of the Trip.

If Your health changes after the start date of Your policy and the date Your travel tickets or confirmation of booking were issued, You must telephone Our customer helpline on 0870 774 4408 to make sure Your cover is not affected.

  Respect Premier. Prices per person Respect Premier Plus. Prices per person Respect Premier Plus Couples. Prices per couple
Up to 10 days (Europe) 16.50 18.00 -
11-17 days (Europe) 19.50 21.00 -
18-24 days (Europe) 23.00 25.00 -
25-31 days (Europe) 26.00 28.00 -
Annual multitrip (Europe) 44.50 59.50 90.00
Annual multitrip (Worldwide) 63.00 84.00 125.50

These annual policies do not cover you for winter sports. Please ask us if you'd like to extend your cover. Scuba Diving (down to 30m and within organiser's guidelines) is covered for free.

These rates apply to adults aged 18-65 years. You may fall outside this category so please read on:

Age Rate
Children (3-17 years) Half adult rate
If you're aged 66-75 2 x standard adult rate (maximum duration 35 days)
If you're aged 76-79 2 x standard adult rate (maximum duration 21 days)
If you're aged 80-86 3 x standard adult rate (maximum duration 14 days)


If you need to make a claim contact the following no later than 31 days after the event by telephoning or writing to:
0870 420 3818 or Claims International, 14th Floor, Leon House, 201-241 High Street, Croydon, CR9 1ER
Quoting Ref BLUK6


GLOBAL RESPONSE: A 24 hour Emergency Assistance Line is available to all our insureds in the event of a medical emergency or you needing to return home early. It is important that the Emergency Assistance line is contacted in either of these situations or if you incur medical expenses to the value of £250 or more as in patient. If you do not do this then your claim may be declined. Lines are open 24 hours a day - every day of the year and you should contact the following:

GLOBAL RESPONSE Europe Tel +44 870 420 3812 / USA Tel 1800 709 3422

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