WHEELZ - your essential guide to car hire with Respect

Rob and Paul in JeepThere's nothing quite like the freedom of the open road: the wind in your hair, something camp on the stereo and the love of your life in the passenger seat fiddling with your gearstick. And we're not the only ones to think so.

Check out this true story of human extravagance: In June 2003, our Auntie Flo decided to make a trip from her palatial London residence (she says Camden, we reckon Holloway) down to visit her white-haired, elderly parents near the New Forest. Ever mindful of watching the pennies (she gets that from Rob), she decided to get the bus. Well, mixing with the great unwashed, as she put it, did not go down very well with our dear aged Aunt, and less than ten miles outside London the poor old bag began to regret her previous commitment to financial prudence.

Two days later, she phoned Respect HQ to announce that she was coming back to civilisation but, when asked whether she was intending once again to brave public transport, she complained of a dodgy telephone line and rang off. Three hours after passing her theory test, who should pull up in a just purchased two year old Golf GTi but Auntie Flo herself. Yes folks, it's true. To avoid having to spend another few hours on a bus, the old slapper actually went to the bank, withdrew a load of hard cash, then minced down to the local VW dealership and drove off in a rather splendid GTi! Fortunately, our car rental rates are rather more economical than what Flo spent on her Golf, so you can hit the road for far less than the several thousand pounds shelled out by that particular old harridan.

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