Book Online via NOBS

In 2002, Respect were as pleased as punch to become the world's first gay holiday company to offer a live, real time, online booking facility. And, because our sense of humour has never really progressed beyond that of the school playground, we decided to name it NOBS, an acronym for New Online Booking System. Of course, it's not so new any more, but OBS, or for that matter OOBS, doesn't really have the same oomph, nor does it offer the potential for any form of childish humour.

NOBS is a splendidly efficient way to book your holiday, taking no more than a couple of minutes from beginning to end. It incorporates an excellent search facility, listing availability for your chosen destination in price order with links to individual holiday descriptions. Once you've completed your reservation, one of our hardworking team of Brazilian go-go dancers will type up your confirmation documents and deliver them personally to your door within the hour. Actually, that's not true. As you may have already guessed, all that happens is that you receive an automatically generated confirmation email followed up by hard copies in the post.


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